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Tweeting out a sign to her lambs, Ms. Mariah Carey, tweeted the link to her online album of her twins – DEM BABIES – to share Monroe & Moroccan’s latest close-up.

First the “BIC” and now “DEMBABIES”. ¬†Apparently, this was a big day for BRINGING the Celeb Baby Cuteness…


Mariah Carey

According to her Twitter feed, she thanks her fans for all their “Anniversary” (she doesn’t celebrate birthdays, calls them “anniversaries”) love, saying to her lambs:

“thank u everyone for the anniversary wishes! Today is a ‘smash hit wonder’ I’m having SO much fun& you guys make everything even better LYM”

Mariah on the red carpet for the movie "Precious"


The First Lady of the Black Eyed Peas is celebrating her birth anniversary day as well.

On March 30th, the BEP will be showing their concert from LA live online and in select movie theaters near you.

Click here for info…BEP Live From LA

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