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Various media outlets, beginning with, are reporting the death of the musical icon and talent, Ms. Whitney Houston.

Her musical legacy and unparalleled vocal will live on, but the promise of seeing Whitney Houston’s return and recovery is dimmed with her untimely passing.

Whitney Houston was said to be set to star in the remake of the popular movie, Sparkle, with Jordin Sparks playing the lead role of the young talent, Sparkle, and Ms. Houston cast as her mother.

Her peers in the pantheon of music are joining the chorus of mournful words, since we were all fans of her music, many of us since her first hit, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”.

Beautiful, shining, brilliantly and effortlessly talented, who knew that this untimely ending would be her fate?   May she rest in peace…

Hollywood Reacts – The Hollywood Reporter:


The Carters went all social media friendly & took to Tumblr to share Baby’s First Photo with the world.

No selling of the first photos to the tabs, ugly bidding wars, etc.

Check out the collage below…Beyonce looks peaceful and Jay-Z looks very content.

The baby girl of the hour, Blue, is already holding court on her Tumblr site aptly named  – Hello Blue Ivy Carter

The Carters

Despite some minor hiccups, the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, brought back the good times (but no “Holiday”) for the Super Bowl this year!

I know that I was not alone on the nostalgia train…

Winning: Loved the opening ensemble, the golden headdress, espesh!  Also, the “Open Your Heart” segway w/ Cee-Lo, going into “Like a Prayer” was very on-point.

Not-so-much: She’s a perfectionist, so someone is going to get it for something though…still not sure about the new song, but it might grow on me…

All in all – stars all around…i heart the 80’s/90’s…Madonna’s an evergreen in my book…She’s still her Madg-esty!

Ooh-la la! The Material Girl is ready for some football love this weekend during her Super Bowl Halftime Show and with all the press Ms. M is getting – why not give them what they want?

Madonna shakes her pom-poms for her latest song – Give Me All Your Luvin’ – feat. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A…Whaddya think? Does Madge still make you want to dance, for inspiration?

Props: Marilyn Monroe references, Nicki Minaj’s bustier, the little rap breaks mid-song by Minaj and M.I.A, the Japanese girls with babydoll masks

Quirks: The song itself is a little bubblegum for Madam M.  M.I.A.’s look and dancing looks offbeat, ala Carlton Banks…

Miss Perry is bouncing back just fine these days, having a showing in Las Vegas to celebrate the launch of jewelry line by a friend and posing for some paps.

When she goes through phases, Katy seems keen on “whipping her hair back and forth”, to wash that man, drama, rough night, etc., out of her hair…

Enter David LaChappelle.  He shot her for a new campaign, selling ghd’s newest hairdryer.   And when I think hairdryers, I think Mermaids.  Yeah, and purple clouds and rainbows…that’s some good stuff right?

Anyway here the latest take on mermaid chic since Gaga’s try.

Katy the Mer-chic.

Thanks to Muve Music from Cricket Wireless, we had the chance to catch the gifted and beautiful Beatriz Luengo perform LIVE a winning trifecta of songs from her new album, Bela y Sus Moskitas Muertas.  Her unique brand of music – inspired by a rich tapestry of life experiences as an actress, circus performer, and singer(!) – is impressive.  Though critics will compare her to a softer version of Shakira, she packs a punch with her lyrics and delivery that will keep fans and critics alike looking forward to what’s next.  She’s more of a nod to Bebe, with a wink to Fiona Apple funk and No Doubt ska, all tucked into amazing pair of glittering heels.  Luengo, who hails from Spain, is no newcomer to the music scene.  Earlier singles have had a good showing on the international charts, proving she is more than ready for her primetime spotlight.

With collaborations from artists from Orishas, Reik and even reggae royalty, Ziggy Marley, Beatriz is slaying “moskitas” by the dozen and getting winning looks from Univision’s Premio Lo Nuestro Awards (Best Music Video of the Year) and solid reviews from the music critics.

Looks like Beatriz Luengo’s is going to keep us grooving into the new year!

And speaking of the new year,  did you make a resolution to be a wiser spender of your hard-earned cash?  Good (b/c now I’m not alone at the sample sales and happy hours)!  Cricket Wireless offers plans that allow you to be your DJ right from your very own phone. You can download new music as much as you text, talk or surf the web on your phone – all in one unlimited plan, with no contract,  no hidden fees and nationwide coverage.   Finally, a resolution that I can check off the list that keeps my wallet (and ears) happy! Cheers to that!