Have we got sexy reading comprehension.  How do we know?  In the NY Post, Page Six leaked that Alice + Olivia would have an installation with complete with models in a bedroom in the middle of Times Square.

Being intrepid, glam and nosy (nee Observant) New Yorkers, Step and Repeat ventured it out in the BLEEDING bitter NY cold to see what all this #getintoourpants was all about…


The momentum was building, while checking about the whimsical installation furnished with Alice + Olivia’s  Spring pants line  gilded bicycles and toy horse heads, I learned that if we tweeted a pic of the scene with the hastag #getintoourpants, we would could win %20 percent off a new pair of the VERY fine Alice + Olivia pants.  As good social media nerds, we did. Guess what – WE SCORED and will #GETINTOOURPANTS, thanks to Alice + Olivia.