It’s FINALLY here – New York Fashion Week, that’s what, kittens!

Am thrilled to have kicked off the 2012 NYFW right -by  attending some inspiring events, namely the Style Coalition’s 2012 Fashion Awards 2.0(#Fashion20)!

Thanks to Style Coalition,  Step and Repeat hustled in her heels to 2012 Fashion Awards 2.0 and what a special evening it was! Robert Verdi, was the host of the evening’s festivities and treated us to so many oneliners and Hilare moments, it was entertaining start to finish!  I espesh loved the loud fanboy in the back of the house, he was having his own back and forth with Verdi.  Robert is a fantastic host – they should really tap him for more shows!  Did you know that Verdi used to work at the Short Hills Mall, in Joisey? True story.  What else is a true story?  His total adoration for Norma Kamali!   He said as a young retail sales guy, he would steer the Soccor Moms to buy Kamali’s gorg designs, knowing that they would fall head over clutch purse for it.   And so began a career of total fabulosity for Mr. Robert Verdi, BFF of Eva Longoria, divo of HSN merch, etc.

But back to Kamali, she gets this whole interweb thing.  Her devotion to understanding emerging technology and harnessing its power for the good of the fashion masses – is inspiring.   I was already a fan for her iconic work and vision (“sleeping bag dress, parachute pants, etc.), but hearing her speak so passionately about social media, she really impressed me.   So gracious during her keynote was Ms. Kamali of the lovely and adoring of the social media dah-lings in the audience, she invited us all to her presentation on Wedsnesday during Fashion Week.  Yes, it was that much love.

Here’s the list of the big winners and photos from the 2012 Fashion Awards 2.0:

Best Online Video

Prada – Spring/Summer Video Campaign

Top Innovator

Kate Spade

Best Website

Marc Jacobs

Best Blog by a Fashion Brand


Best Next Big Thing in Tech


Best Mobile App

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

Best Facebook

Bergdorf Goodman

Best Twitter


Visionary Award

The Gilt Groupe

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