She teased, her staff asked us not to spill the beans before she could promo it, but then she let the cat out of the bag!

Mary J. Blige would perform on The Wendy Williams Show.  She not a happy camper, it seems.

She wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for her song from the movie, The Help, entitled “The Living Proof” it seems…check her tweets post-Oscar noms announcement:

Mary tweets about the Oscar Snub Heard 'Round Twitterverse

This performance was PRE-Oscar announcement.  She also performed the snubbed song – Living Proof.

For any artist, performing in the early afternoon/late morning is a stretch, but the  Queen of R & B performed “Mr. Wrong” and was excellent and looked diva-fresh in her Dolce and Gabbana…

MJB drops some 411 and some interesting quotes on her marriage, fame, sobriety journey, etc…Watch Wendy get the scoop on MJB.  What do you think?  Should Mary abstain all together because she had an issue with alcohol, or is moderation the way?    Kittens, take care of your selves and enjoy the POV…