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Another couple from El Lay decided it’s time to hit it and quit it.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey ended their five-year relationship and took to Twitter to announce the fate of their love match.

The Break-Up Announcement (via Twitter):


The Back-up Plan star, Jennifer Lopez, was said to have a penchant for riding bicycle barefoot around the movie set.

Click here to view her Break Up Plan co-star dish ... (see clip at 1:24)

It’s time for goodbyes…here’s the extended trailer for the final season of “The Hills”… don’t cry out loud, kittens…you know you watched!

LC is moving on, and in this month’s Glamour Magazine (The Sexy Hair edition), Lauren notes that her famed mane is “all extensions”! Something fake on The Hills?!! P’shhaw!

LC in Glamour!

Katy Perry is My Kind of Easter Bunny

To all those who celebrate Easter, I hope you donned a pair of bunny ears and toasted up like our dear friend, Ms. Perry (soon to be Mrs. Brand).  Cheers!

Monday Remainders….

Well, hello!  Fame kittens, so sorry for the pause!

We’re baAAAAAck!  And good thing, too, because Monday has been a gossip heavy day – so let’s get to it!

Our beleagured boy and his club, Tiger Woods, was back on the golf scene today….

At his first presser since his last scripted PR fest, Woods says he wants to really acknowledge his fans, connect with them, etc.   He should be careful with “connecting” a little too much, no?


Do you have a passion for big hair, GTL, and beating that beat? Feel like you could show those over-accessorized shore dwellers a thing or two about “the smoosh”?

Well, then it’s your time to shine – MTV is casting for Jersey Shore castmates…apply early and often…MTV – Jersey Shore Casting Info

Rihanna Launches Her “Last Girl On Earth” Tour

RiRi will be dominating on the stage in six inch heels and leather at a stadium near you – she’s just announced her “Last Girl On Earth” tour, where she’ll be joined by Ke$ha and Nicky Minaj.  Tickets go on sale on on April 9th.

Tea & Sympathy, ‘Ugly-Betty’ Style

London towners in Trafalgar Square were gawking at America Ferrara and the cast of ‘Ugly Betty’, who were shooting final scenes of the soon-to-wrap show.

Below is a sneak peek — maybe love is FINALLY in the stars for Ms. Betty with THE guy….