Poor Linds. She’s having a craptacular few weeks, and now George Lopez makes a crack at Lindsay’s “white-powder” laden shoes that she wore out on the town.

Given their “powdered” look – he wondered if she had gotten a little aggressive with the fast-actin’ Tinactin (wink wink).

Perhaps she’s going “green”, but a shoe is a terrible thing to waste, as-is your stash by carrying it in your shoes.

Back to Lindsay, she’s tweeted off mad – and fires a shot toward Lopez…here’s the tweet by tweet action:

And the George Lopez responds…

And so it goes…Will Lindsay do some ‘splainin’ or will she keep plowing on through?  Given her luck these days, she should just accept Lopez’ invitation and talk to Lopez on-camera.

She can wax on about her uses of this magic white powder – so come on, Linds, make that set look like a winter wonderland!