With end of “The Hills” in their sights, has the bloom left the rose of Spiedi?  Ah, possibly fame kittens.

Before we roll the credits on this made-for-media mess, as irony would have it, Heidi Montag claims Hills grad Lauren Conrad was right about her assessment of her soon-to-be former other half, having called Pratt “a selfish jerk”.  Montag seems to be positioning her rack-itude for sympathy, probably half-hoping that her dumping Pratt might bring the former-besties (Conrad and Montag) back together again.  Never say never, but this is the same gir about whom Conrad once said: “I want to forgive you and then I want to forget you.”

Not sure what’s worse – the Speidi making the paparazzi rounds together – or Thing 1 and Thing 2 going solo and blessing us with their “all for the cameras” lifestyle?

Until then, watch out for the last season of “The Hills. By the time the show ends, Montag will have probably gone up three implant sizes.