What’s a ‘BIG PIMPIN’ girl like Kim K. to do?

So Miss Kim K. and her crew (La La Vasquez, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, et al.) decided to take a picture of themselves while out & about in Miami for a charity event, and she posts up that she’s “pimpin'” with her friends.

Enter Demi Moore, who recently saved a life via Twitter, to take issue with Kim’s use of the word “Pimp” (see tweets below).

Eventually Demi end it all, saying she just wanted to provoke thought and discussions, etc.  I think that’s French for saying she just wanted to “pop off”.   How do you go from being a Twitter Angel to a Twitter Troll, Demi?  If she wants to be the sheriff of Twitter, isn’t there a FourSquare badge for that?! Strange.