Today, Ricky Martin came out of the closet, saying that he was “a fortunate homosexual man”.  Though the news was not “news” to those who have followed his career from Menudo, to La Vida Loca, and beyond, he deserves to live his life in peace and be free to express his sexuality as he chooses, and his declaration today makes it known to all in case they wondered otherwise.

Big props to him for taking the step and for hopefully making the conversation easier between a gay person and their parents, friends and loved ones, when they one day decide to come out.  Especially for Latino gay youth, this is a very important moment.  Sorry for taking the time out from the gossip and glitter, but reality calls. For some additional on-point thoughts on Ricky’s announcement & for Latino celeb response, click on the link to the blog, Blabbeando: Blabbeando – The Coming Out of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin