Bravo TV’s latest installment of The Real Housewives has left us eating off the dollar menu of drama.  Where’s the beef? Given the drone of the last three epi’s, it’s time to ditch these celebu-nadas and cast some interesting, sexy, powerful chicks who lunch.  Everyone is too busy being camera-ready and passive aggro.  Bo—ring.  It’s going to be so lame if every week we tune in to see women snubbed at a dinner party (snore and snore), or to here about photo shoots, d-list parties they host, asinine titty attacks over the air they breathe, etc.  Everyone is so divided, they probably cry to their shrinks and not at each other (again, snore and snore).  It’s all too civilized and way to dialed-down for reality tv watching.  At this point, the only real hope for real housewives drama is if we have is if the RHO ATL and NJ crews come back with a full next season with swavorski-encrusted paddles of life .

Bravo, please wake up and retire this squad of society lames and get with some new NYC society blood.  These tired broads are already using all their promo time to plug every ribbon cutting, book signing, store opening, gallery show, fundraiser, etc. they sign up for.   It’s clear they’ve moved on to their own version of bigger and better, so Bravo, it’s time for you to do the same with them, no?  I would hate to see anything associated with NYC look so lackluster.