Buckle up, pop culture fiends!

Step and Repeat’s inaugural post pays homage to the fallen artist, Kanye West, and his ode to the love of the flashing bulbs, first class flights, models, bottles, and the hollywood lush life. Who doesn’t love a good close up on that red carpet, baby?

It’s too bad about Kanye, since I believe that he’s a talented artist whose star was overshadowed by his bad boy antics.  So loathed, West has even become a cultural reference (to be “Kanye’d”).  Not good.

Though Kanye’s still typing it out on his blog, he seems to be on a long-term, self-imposed “time-out” from the limelight.  To fill the time outside the intense media glare, West has least has found “lady” love in Amber Rose and is hopefully on the road to back to Hollyweird.

To the limelight seekers and star f’ers out there…here’s your long distance dedication… Remember: keep it tight for the camera – step & repeat!

Flashing Lights…Kanye West feat. Dwele [Full Video]