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RHO of Atlanta will be adding TWO brand-spanking new housewives for their upcoming season.

Housewife #1: Cynthia Bailey

The former model-turned housewife, Bailey had a son with actor Leon Robinson (The Five Heartbeats) and knows the who’s who of celeb friends in Atlanta and beyond!

Housewife #2: Phaedra Parks

Atlanta Entertainment attorney to the stars, Ms. Parks has represented Jermaine Dupri, Bobby Brown, et al.

She also produced the BET Show, Troy & Tina, recently, and is married to an ex-con on parole named Apollo Nida.

She sounds interesting….


The “Jersey Shore” crew

is setting up shop in one of Miami’s nicer hotels, The Metropole Hotel & Apartments!

Word is, the crew has tweeted their last tweets and the move-in crew has been hard at work making the digs GTL (Gym, Tanning, Laundry)-ready.

Since JS Season 1 ended, the reality-show breakouts have been everywhere – from appearing with New York Mayor Bloomberg at the Inner Circle Awards t0 The Jay Leno Show – even getting new hair:

Snooki, Mayor Bloomberg, The Situation

What will you be watching for?  Will they add a new J-Shore member?  Will it be more “smooshing” than “tanning”?  Will Ronnie bring sand to the beach?

MTV’s last stint in Miami resulted in a threesome in the Real World house. Let’s see if Jersey Shore can up the trashtastic ante.

With end of “The Hills” in their sights, has the bloom left the rose of Spiedi?  Ah, possibly fame kittens.

Before we roll the credits on this made-for-media mess, as irony would have it, Heidi Montag claims Hills grad Lauren Conrad was right about her assessment of her soon-to-be former other half, having called Pratt “a selfish jerk”.  Montag seems to be positioning her rack-itude for sympathy, probably half-hoping that her dumping Pratt might bring the former-besties (Conrad and Montag) back together again.  Never say never, but this is the same gir about whom Conrad once said: “I want to forgive you and then I want to forget you.”

Not sure what’s worse – the Speidi making the paparazzi rounds together – or Thing 1 and Thing 2 going solo and blessing us with their “all for the cameras” lifestyle?

Until then, watch out for the last season of “The Hills. By the time the show ends, Montag will have probably gone up three implant sizes.

Poor Linds. She’s having a craptacular few weeks, and now George Lopez makes a crack at Lindsay’s “white-powder” laden shoes that she wore out on the town.

Given their “powdered” look – he wondered if she had gotten a little aggressive with the fast-actin’ Tinactin (wink wink).

Perhaps she’s going “green”, but a shoe is a terrible thing to waste, as-is your stash by carrying it in your shoes.

Back to Lindsay, she’s tweeted off mad – and fires a shot toward Lopez…here’s the tweet by tweet action:

And the George Lopez responds…

And so it goes…Will Lindsay do some ‘splainin’ or will she keep plowing on through?  Given her luck these days, she should just accept Lopez’ invitation and talk to Lopez on-camera.

She can wax on about her uses of this magic white powder – so come on, Linds, make that set look like a winter wonderland!

Ricky Martin Is Gay

Today, Ricky Martin came out of the closet, saying that he was “a fortunate homosexual man”.  Though the news was not “news” to those who have followed his career from Menudo, to La Vida Loca, and beyond, he deserves to live his life in peace and be free to express his sexuality as he chooses, and his declaration today makes it known to all in case they wondered otherwise.

Big props to him for taking the step and for hopefully making the conversation easier between a gay person and their parents, friends and loved ones, when they one day decide to come out.  Especially for Latino gay youth, this is a very important moment.  Sorry for taking the time out from the gossip and glitter, but reality calls. For some additional on-point thoughts on Ricky’s announcement & for Latino celeb response, click on the link to the blog, Blabbeando: Blabbeando – The Coming Out of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

What’s a ‘BIG PIMPIN’ girl like Kim K. to do?

So Miss Kim K. and her crew (La La Vasquez, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, et al.) decided to take a picture of themselves while out & about in Miami for a charity event, and she posts up that she’s “pimpin'” with her friends.

Enter Demi Moore, who recently saved a life via Twitter, to take issue with Kim’s use of the word “Pimp” (see tweets below).

Eventually Demi end it all, saying she just wanted to provoke thought and discussions, etc.  I think that’s French for saying she just wanted to “pop off”.   How do you go from being a Twitter Angel to a Twitter Troll, Demi?  If she wants to be the sheriff of Twitter, isn’t there a FourSquare badge for that?! Strange.

The “R” is back! The much-aligned, but talented R & B superstar R. Kelly released a video for his new song, Echo.

Is it the comeback single he’s betting will make a big splash?

Dive in and see…It’s more like a Ricola commercial, complete with yodeling. Don’t be fooled by the “Blue Man Group” look at the beginning.

It’s Lady GaGa’s Birthday…..

Here is the video that brought the uber-talented phenom to tears & left her speechless….Happy Birthday Gaga!

Another video – LG in Tears After “Poker Face” Performance…Birthday Concert Performance

Katy Perry

Soon-to-be Mrs. Brand, Katy sported a frock by “The Blonds”, Shoes by C. Louboutin.

And, she was slimed!  UPDATE: Here’s the video Katy Perry Kissed Some Slime

[Getty Photo via Just]

Mariah Carey

According to her Twitter feed, she thanks her fans for all their “Anniversary” (she doesn’t celebrate birthdays, calls them “anniversaries”) love, saying to her lambs:

“thank u everyone for the anniversary wishes! Today is a ‘smash hit wonder’ I’m having SO much fun& you guys make everything even better LYM”

Mariah on the red carpet for the movie "Precious"


The First Lady of the Black Eyed Peas is celebrating her birth anniversary day as well.

On March 30th, the BEP will be showing their concert from LA live online and in select movie theaters near you.

Click here for info…BEP Live From LA

On Fergie\’s Look In the \”Imma Be\” Video